You’re Rollovers Ready With Wrkr SMSF Hub

Let Wrkr manage your SMSF Compliance so you can focus on the bigger picture

Announcing Wrkr SMSF Hub!

ClickSuper is pleased to advise that we are supporting SMSFs with managing Rollovers and ongoing Superstream compliance through our new Wrkr SMSF Hub.

From 1st October 2021, SMSFs and their members will need to use Superstream to rollover superannuation to or from their SMSF. For more information regarding these changes and how this affects SMSFs, please see the following information from the ATO:

Our Wrkr SMSF Hub has been launched in line with the ATO commencement (October 1, 2021) of Rollovers 3.0 and enables SMSF’s and Advisors / Accountants to view and manage SMSF’s Superstream compliance in one place:

  • Ability to manage and perform a Rollover In/Out transactions in a compliant way
  • Ability to view and manage Government Rollovers and Release Authorities you receive from the ATO
  • Access to contribution reports sent by employers (May/June)

Our comprehensive solution for SMSF Trustees is available for $39.95 excl GST, per annum. If you are an Adviser/Accountant, please contact us so we can discuss our Partner solution and volume price.

We love helping our clients unlock more value from compliance and we have an exciting roadmap for SMSFs and their Advisers/Accountants through our SMSF Hub. We know not all ESA providers will be supporting Rollovers, so we invite new SMSFs to our service so that you can manage your compliance in one place.

Need more info? Check out our most frequently asked questions.

What is an ESA?

An Electronic Service Address (ESA) is an alias used by your SMSF that represents the provider that Superstream data should be sent to – it is not a number. Superstream data is data that is sent electronically and consists of contribution, rollover and release authority messages. Wrkr is a provider of ESA services and is compliant to process all Superstream data for SMSF Superstream compliance.

An ESA is only related to the Superstream data part of the process- it is NOT related to payment processing. For more information about SuperStream rollovers and release authorities for SMSF’s, please click HERE. For any queries relating to contribution payments, your employer is the best party to seek assistance from.

What is SuperStream?

SuperStream, also known as the ‘ATO SuperStream Data and Payment standard’ was  introduced in 2013 as part of Stronger Super Reforms. The ATO Superstream Data and Payment standard is mandatory for all participants including; Employers, SuperFunds, SMSFs and the ATO. The Superstream standard enables participants to securely transfer and manage information and tracking of payments for Contributions, Rollovers, Release Authorities and member reporting. Superstream rollovers became mandatory for SMSFs at the end of 2021 and the ATO continues to drive the industry to improve efficiency and security of all participants.

For more information about Superstream and how it benefits SMSF’s please click HERE

I already have a free ClickSuper ESA, why do I need to pay for a Wrkr ESA?

ClickSuper ESA will be decommissioned in July 2022, so if you have a ClickSuper ESA you will need to move to a compliant ESA like Wrkr ESA to continue to do rollovers, receive contribution data and Release Authorities.

Wrkr SMSF Hub solution has been launched in line with the ATO commencement (October 1, 2021) of Rollovers 3.0 and enables SMSFs and Advisors/Accountants to view and manage SMSFs superstream compliance in one place.

Our new Rollovers 3.0 compliant service comes inclusive with a NEW ESA ADDRESS and access to our SMSF Hub portal which can be used to process rollovers and view release authorities and contribution data. Access to our SMSF Hub was not available as part of our free ClickSuper ESA offering.

Will I need to reregister to move from ClickSuper to Wrkr ESA?

Yes, as the ClickSuper ESA is being decommissioned in July 2022, you will need to register for a new ESA with Wrkr ESA for your SMSF to remain SuperStream compliant. To register, Please click HERE.

Once registered with the new Wrkr ESA, contribution data from the last financial year will be available to be viewed in the Wrkr SMSF hub portal for the clients that had received contribution data through ClickSuper.

How much will my new Wrkr ESA cost?

Our comprehensive and fully Superstream compliant ESA is available to SMSF Trustees for $39.95 per annum (excluding GST). Our ESA is available for use for Rollovers, Release Authorities and Contributions. It is always on and listening for your SMSF notices from the ATO.

If you are an SMSF adviser or accountant please contact us directly HERE  so we can discuss our partner solution and volume price.

What Information do I need to set up my SMSF ESA with Wrkr?

-Name and ABN of your SMSF
-Email Address*
-Australian Mobile Number*
-Credit card details for payment

(*These should be the email and mobile number of the Main Trustee who is managing the SMSF transactions in the Wrkr ESA Hub).

Once I have registered for my Wrkr ESA, what information do I need to manage with the ATO?

  1. Update the ATO with your new SMSF ESA Details
  2. Update your Software ID (SSID) in Access Manager 
  3. Update your employer with your ESA so that you can start to receive Contribution data (if applicable)

I am a SMSF Trustee, how hard is it to use the Wrkr SMSF Hub?

Wrkr SMSF has simplified  managing your Rollovers, Contribution data  and Release Authority notifications by having it all available in the one online hub.

Once your account is set up you will have to update the ATO with your new Wrkr ESA details, update your Software (SSID) in Access Manager and update your employer with your ESA.

Now you are set up and ready to initiate / receive rollovers, receive contribution data and release authority notifications all in the one spot. We understand that managing rollovers can be quite technical, in the Wrkr SMSF hub we have made it easier for you with a simple to follow step by step process. 

Once I have a Wrkr ESA can I use it for a Rollover?

Yes. Rollovers within Superstream support the following scenarios:

  • Transactions between an APRA superfund and a SMSF
  • Transactions between an SMSF and a SMSF

What is a Release Authority?

A Release Authority is specific written authority from the ATO authorising the release of superannuation from a complying superannuation fund.

The following release authority types are supported within the Superstream:

  • First home super saver (FHSS) Scheme
  • Excess Concessional contributions (ECC)
  • Excess Non-Concessional contributions (ENCC)
  • Excess non-concessional contributions tax
  • Division 293 Tax due and payable
  • Division 293 Tax deferred debt

I am an Intermediary, why should I sign up my Trustee customers with Wrkr SMSF Hub?

The Wrkr SMSF Hub offers a secure solution where a SMSF Professional / Accountant / Advisor can help their SMSF Trustees manage Contributions, Rollovers and ATO Release Authority needs, all in the one place.

The SMSF Hub will enable you to manage all your SMSF Trustees in one place via a single login account and to help you;

  • View SMSF client’s employer Contributions 
  • Manage and perform a Rollover In/Out transaction in a compliant way
  • View and manage Release Authorities you receive from the ATO

Our base price of $125.00 (plus GST) per annum will allow you to onboard 5 SMSF clients.

Each additional SMSF client on top of that will be  $25.00 (plus GST) each per annum. There are no setup/termination fees. 

If you would like more information from our sales team, please register HERE


For Trustees


Per annum + $4.00 GST
Total $43.95


For Accountants/ Advisors

Please contact us below for further details.