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Announcement: ClickSuper ESA is Merging with Wrkr ESA

From 1 October 2023, SMSFs using ClickSuper ESA will no longer receive super contribution data.

We are thrilled to announce that ClickSuper ESA is merging with Wrkr ESA. From 1 October 2023, ClickSuper ESA will be decommissioned, and as a result, SMSFs using ClickSuper ESA will no longer receive contribution data, which may affect your superannuation payments.

To learn more, read this announcement from the ATO.

If you have any questions or issues, email us at


I already have a ClickSuper ESA. Why do I need a Wrkr ESA?

The ClickSuper ESA will be removed as a valid ESA from payroll systems,  superannuation clearing houses, and SuperStream gateway providers, which may affect the ability of your employer to pay your superannuation if your ESA has not been updated. 

A valid ESA is mandatory for SMSFs to receive contributions, process rollovers, and release authorities via SuperStream. To ensure your SMSF remains SuperStream compliant, we welcome you to use our wrkrSMSF ESA. 


Next steps

If you would like to receive the same service, you will need to:

1. Update your employer or payroll provider with your new ESA: wrkrSMSF to continue using the existing service before 30 September 2023.

2. Update your ESA on the ATO record by:


Want to view your contribution data and process rollovers?

Upgrade to Wrkr SMSF Hub: a SuperStream-compliant ESA provider helping trustees, accountants, financial advisors and tax agents to facilitate SMSF Rollovers, receive Contributions, and manage Release Authorities in one secure platform.

With one login, you can:

  • Get your Electronic Service Address (ESA) instantly.
  • View contribution data and action release authorities such as Division 293 notices.
  • Securely perform rollovers to and from any APRA funds or other SMSFs
  • Download reports for your advisers, accountants and auditors

Wrkr SMSF Hub Pricing

For Trustees


Per annum + $4.00 GST
Total $43.95


For Accountants/ Advisors

Please contact us below for further details.