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Features and Benefits

Apply and start using ClickSuper same day

Simply complete our online application form or apply via your Payroll service provider. Once we have received your completed form and photo ID you could start using ClickSuper within hours.

Integrated with Australia’s top payrolls

ClickSuper is seamlessly integrated with Australia’s top payrolls so that all your workflow is driven from one centralised location. Find out which Payroll service providers ClickSuper works with.

Validate employee Superannuation fund records

Once activated, validate each of your employee records against ClickSuper’s data-base of Superannuation Funds regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

Connected electronically

ClickSuper automatically deducts the total employee contribution and deduction amount from your registered account and remits the funds and accompanying employee remittance advice to each of your nominated recipients.


You can rest assured that ClickSuper will assist you in meeting your current and future compliance needs ClickSuper is a signatory to the Superannuation Data and Gateway Service Standards.

Here to help you

ClickSuper enables you to significantly reduce your compliance headache by automating the superannuation and other deduction process directly from your Payroll service. No more having to visit individual Superannuation portals and uploading files in different formats