Complete Payment Solution for Payroll Providers

The ClickSuper secure API and UI solutions can be readily integrated into your payroll software and can also be used by all bureau services to pay superannuation, salaries, register new employers accounts, upload STP files and much more

Key features include:

  • Custom payment facilities available
  • Up to date superfund search facility
  • Same day Salary disbursement processing
  • Employer UI and API Registration service
  • Full SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll compliance
  • File Upload wizard for XML, STP and SAFF SuperStream files
  • Full payment reporting and contribution history EXPORT functionality
  • Integration into ClickSuper’s Single Touch Payroll API service
  • Payroll Provider/ Bureau logins providing single access to all employers under their management
  • Automated SuperStream data validation, enriched error reporting and exception handling
  • API services to enable your users to transfer personal information via web services for higher security and greater automation.
  • Chat and Email support from our client services team for employer and payroll provider queries
  • Australian support team

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