You’re Rollovers Ready With ClickSuper’s SMSF Hub

Let us manage your SMSF Compliance so you can focus on the bigger picture

The SMSF Hub is planned to go live:

1st October 2021

ClickSuper is pleased to advise that we will be supporting SMSFs with managing Rollovers and ongoing Superstream compliance through our new SMSF Hub. From 1st October 2021, SMSFs and their members will need to use Superstream to rollover superannuation to or from their SMSF.

For more information regarding these changes and how this affects SMSFs, please see the following information from the ATO: ATO Rollovers Changes

Our SMSF Hub is planned to be launched in line with the ATO commencement (October 1, 2021) and will help SMSFs to manage partial or full rollovers, both inbound and outbound, using our compliant solution. SMSFs will also be able to see their employer contributions made to their ESA in one place.

Existing ClickSuper ESA clients are encouraged to use the SMSF Hub to take advantage of these new benefits. We love helping our clients unlock more value from compliance and we have an exciting roadmap for SMSFs and their Advisers/Accountants through our SMSF Hub. We know not all ESA providers will be supporting Rollovers, so we invite new SMSFs to our service so that you can manage your compliance in one place. We will be updating this site regularly with information on our progress and how you can register.